Cleaning old vinyl

I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right place so apologies if I’m not.

I’ve been given the software Steinberg Clean to clean up my old vinyl and put it on CD. The problem is I have no idea what kind of cable I need to attach my record deck to my PC. My HI-Fi also has a mini disc player and I’d also like to be able to attach that so that I can copy mini discs to CD as well.

I’d be grateful if anyone could give me any information on what cable(s) I need.


If your record deck does not have a built-in preamplifier, you would need a suitable preamp… if it plugs into a “Mag Phono” input on a system, it would need a preamp, or connection taken from “line out”/“tape out” on the system it runs with.
If it normally connects to a LINE IN, then you can connect directly to Line In on a soundcard or onboard sound.

The soundcard normally has a 3.5mm stereo jack - a record deck normally terminates in a pair of Phono plugs.

If the other equipment does not support Line Out or a connection for an external tape deck (that might be a 5 pin DIN socket), then you’d have to resort to headphone out, with any graphic equaliser off or flat, tone controls level, any “boost” features off.

I have had good success transferring my records to CDs using the following procedure. I connected the Headphone Output of my Stereo preamp to the Line Input on my sound card. Then I use Winamp (with the proper plug-in) to digitize the record. (Radio Shack has the connectors and cables to do this).

You can make wav files which you can burn to make a normal CD, or you can make MP3 CDs if your CD player can handle them. (I play the CDs in my car, so I use wav files and make “normal” CDs). I have a good turntable and cartridge, and I took very good care of my records, so the quality is very good.

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I used to use the old versions of easy cd creator for this and it worked fine it was just time consuming…imho found it easier to find the old stuff on cd…it depends on what your time is worth to you :slight_smile: