Cleaning notebook keyboard, what lubricant to use?

I’ve found an excellent article on cleaning notebook keyboards here:
which suggests using the following lubricant:
Super Lube Dry Film spray (critical - DO NOT SUBSTUTUTE !) K-Mart automotive.

Being in the UK, I don’t have ready access to KMart and can’t even find this lubricant in the states via Google. Does anybody know of a suitable substitute available in the UK?

I’ve found this (…RSIL6140003500) which seems a good bet, but I don’t want to make the keyboard worse by using something unsuitable.



I took a quick look at the article and the Radio Spares online catalogue. The Super Lube Dry Film spray K-Mart automotive is a PTFE dry lube. Radio Spares stocks the same thing in Electrolube ERDFL200D. More information available on the Electrolube website for DFL200D.

Your linky is a little broken but if it was pointing at
Ambersil 6140003500 Dry Film Anti Stick Non Staining, Dry PTFE Film 400ml it is exactly the same thing.

Thanks for the help, sorry about the broken link.


P.S. had the same question on for days with no response. CDFreaks rules!
P.P.S. and for once it’s only just down the road from me, so no P&P. :slight_smile:

CD Freaks does rock! But you got lucky with me. I’m in the US but it just so happens I know a thing or three about dry film lubes [I]and[/I] I’ve had to specify stuff for a sister company in the UK.