Cleaning my DVD drive lens

I have a Matshita UJ-840D drive in my Acer 4102WLMi laptop. As it lay unused for a couple of months there was a dust build-up on the lens and instead of using one of the easily available CD-lens cleaning solutions I decided to clean the lens with a swab of cotton dipped in some after-shave. Bad idea, ever since then the laptop refuses to read any CD/DVD.

Since my MBR is broken I have been trying bootable CD’s in order to install a new operating system, to no avail. The drive simply refuses to read anything thrown it, the rails on it seem to be working fine since I manually reset the position the lens to the end of the drive and it seems to set itself to the proper position everytime a cd is inserted. Any ideas on cleaning the drive lens? I can’t use one of those lesn cleaning CD’s available in the market since like I mentioned earlier my system gets stuck at the OS selection option.

You might try cleaning with rubbing alcohol which is what I’d have used initially, but it sounds like the after shave may have damaged the lens. You may need to replace the drive if that’s the case.

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The after shave probably melted the lens. Rubbing/isopropyl alcohol is best. I’ve cleaned my Plextor 760A’s laser lens and had no problem.

Rubbing alcohol solutions are compounds that contain skin moisturizers. I don’t know what components are integral to after-shave products, but I have no doubt they leave a residue. The lens may have acquired a coating. Always clean with 100 percent pure isopropyl alcohol (gently).

I use Plexus for taking out very light scratches on CDs. (I am given to understand the Air Force uses it on the windshields of stealth bombers.) This might also be of help in bringing the lens’ focusing back.

If it is not a coating problem, then I would assume that the lens assembly is out of alignment.

isopropyl alcohol and rubbing alcohol are synonimous in the US. There are no moisturizers in them. The highest % you can purchase is 90%, the remainder is always water, even when the concentration is 70%.