Cleaning lens "kits"



Hey guys,
I have often seen these kits to clean the lens on CD/DVD players. Are these safe and worthwhile to use on PC drives? I ask because I got my 103 a while ago off a mate, and I thort that it might need a clean.



Personally for me, I hadn’t problems with my drives to clean them.
I do this every 2-3 months and the drives are workin good.
But maybe others hadn’t good experiences with lens cleaners.
Just my opinion :slight_smile:


Most drive manufacturer’s dont recommend “cleaning” the lens with these kits with disc’s with brushes on them. you shouldnt need anything other than some compressed air now and then.


Hi ppl,
It is recommended by the manufacture to ONLY use shot blasts of canned air.
Cd cleaning kits may damage the laser. If a major problem exsits send it to the company that made it. :iagree:


Thanks for info.
As i said i hadn’t probs with it, but in this case i would let my fingers of it,
for the near future.


when the SOHW 1693s replacement drive in my Liteon LVW5005 recorder would no longer prep the same brand of DVD+Rs I had been using for months, I would use a CD/DVD lens cleaning disc; and thw same doscs would prep and work fine. But looking at the disc I think a quality camera lens brush could also do the job.