Cleaning dvds

Before I start, I tried searching for “clean* AND dvd*” but got no results - kept on taking me back to the search page.

How can I clean a DVD? There is a stain from something on one of my dvds. I have no idea what that “something” is, but the DVD skips in my player, and I can’t even rip it to make a backup. Is there a safe way to do this? I don’t wish to totally wreck the DVD.

Is this dvd a film?
Is it original or a copy?

The best way is cleaning tools if you do not want to buy the tools then clean it with lite dishwasher soap and wipe it with soft clothing.

I found out that best to clean a dirty or finger dvd media is to use Lens cleaner for glasses and a scotch brite cloth to clean the dvd. That for me has help to solve some problems of a dirty dvd not reading properly. But when you clean with the scotch brite cloth clean away from the center and not in a circular motion.

Go to best buy and get “CleanDr” it is a motorized Disc cleaner, just put your DVD in let it spin for 1 min and you got a very clean disc

How much does this motorized cleaner cost at BB?.

I see what those cleaner do to the dvd media and it looks like it puts scratches on it rather then smoothing and clearing up the surfaces…I still say the lens cleaner solution and scotch brite cloth does a better clean and if the disk is scratched then toss it as that might be why it won’t read properly on the dvd drive or there is some kinda media production error on the media you can’t see.

Thank you all for the replies & help!

I use a glass cleaner (like windex) and a soft cloth…wiping from the center outward. It does a great job for the usual stuff like fingerprints. Brasso (metal polish) does a fantastic job on scratched surfaces.

Here’s one I hadn’t seen, but makes good sense:

I Paid $12.00 works great also comes with a bottle of cleaning spray :bigsmile:

Toothpaste always worked for me.
It’s a mild abrasive, and even though afterwards the surface is covered with fine scratches, my ripper can usually read through this.

The toothpaste helps minimze the effects of the deep scratches, and it doesn’t cost anything since it’s available around the house. :bigsmile: