Cleaning DVDR's



I was wondering if anyone could help.

I have bought a few spindles of DVDR’s and almost every disk i take out to burn has some white specks of ‘dirt’ on them. If i just stick it in to burn once the burn is complete if i remove the white specs a small purple unburned spot is there (im gessing is not good?)

So i am trying to clean them before burning with poor success. If i attempt to remove them with my finger or fingernail it leaves a very noticable smudge on the disk, which also affects the burn. If i use a cloth i have it leaves more specs of dirt or small hairs. I have used my glasses cleaning cloth and still same. It also puts hairline scratches on the disk no matter how light I brush.

I bought a CD cleaning kit with a brush. This puts some very noticable scratches on the disk after cleaning and the disk does not look healthy.

I bought some professional CD cleaning cloths from Maplin but they has alcohol on them and are leaving smudges aplenty on them.

I just want to know a way to get those small specs of dirt off the disk



compressed air in a can m8 works a treat :wink:


beat me to it Watermark :slight_smile:
If its just dust then compressed air everytime



No Probs Brian :wink: