Cleaning and defragmentation

Hi all,

i was wondering one thing …
If i use a cleaner (ccleaner, regseeker, jv16powertools, etc …) and that for whatever reason (bug?) deletes entries in the register that should not, is there risk to change the settings of programs installed in my system? Or the only risk is of missing files? I mean, are there also programs that “interpret” deleting files, like a restoration of default values for its option?

Then, if i set automatic defragmentation (or cleaning …) and simultaneously convert a file, is there the risk that if both programs are trying to access the same time, conversion fails?

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It’s generally best not to do anything while the pc is defragging. It’s a lot quicker for a start. Otherwise maybe set it to auto during the night when you’re not using it.

Reg clean is a different process in that it’ll remove / delete entries and yes it can stuff it up.

I have used Registry mechanic for years because it has the option of creating a restore point before removing the files. As well as looking at the files before removing them, if there are any problems after this you can always restore the removed files to get the pc back to the way it was.

I don’t know about regcleaner or other software but I presume they have similar options. Just make sure that in the settings you set it to create a restore point before taking any action.

i use regseeker, ccleaner and O&O defrag. regseeker has never caused problems when using the registry cleaner. use ccleaner for daily clean up of unneeded files, again no problems. i dont use the auto defrag of O&O because i agree with Seven of Nine, that defrag should run alone. however the program is designed to run silent so i dont see a real problem with running an auto defrag utility if you have plenty of cpu and ram to spare.