Cleaning a noisy audio file with voices

I am doing research and need to hear the (adult female) voice clearly on a set of wav audio files I’m listening to … unfortunately, there’s an annoying buzzing noise in the background on these files interfering with clarity of the words. I’ve tried using various filters and such using various downloaded programs designed to clean audio files (e.g. audacity) - but I’m having no luck.

I am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction (actually, if you could please be fairly specific that would be great - as I’ve already been working on this for hours but with nil success…:o)

If you have any suggestions for software - free or trial available would be best till I know its going to work…

Many thanks in advance


If the buzz is consistent and unchanging, the noise filter in Audacity could work for you. Basically, you calibrate it with a sample of the noise with no other sound (such as during the silence between words) and it can then subtract the noise from the whole file. You could put a sample of the raw audio in a ZIP file and upload it as an attachment. That would help someone else see what they can do to clean it up.

I use this software for my audio restoration . They still have a trial version of DC Seven that works for ten days.
It is amazing software.

Hello - here’s an audio clip in zip format … (168 KB)