Clean up your mind!

During the years we all kept stuff in our brains that we just can’t forget anymore. It’s just there and it’s not usable for any purpose. For instance the licence plate number of you first car. A name from a person you once met for five seconds, ten years ago. A instruction code for a vintage computer.

This thread is to shout it all out… (And maybe finally forget all this unnecessary info)

So clean up your mind!

I’ll start with the first thing that I’ve kept in mind for NO reason:

>POKE808,255 :confused:

The very earliest memory I have is seeing a crow missing an eye walking across the train tracks.

Ken sent me
down, right, fire
The Blotto Box


While holding R1:
Up, down, left, right, square, circle, square, triangle, circle, square, right, left.

Hmmm … obsolete or trivial information.

The first and so far only person in my high school graduating class to die was called Theresa, and she was a hot chicky.

I was the person that launched my english teachers $150 pen out the 2nd story window … on a dare.

The eagle that flew through the (closed) glass window (from the wrong direction) was actually a duster thrown into the fan. I didn’t throw it.

Hold your breath & pinch your nose when travelling in Griggsy’s (HighSchool friend) dad’s 4WD and the auto windows mysteriously wind up without your intervention …

Someone sticking a cows eyeball in their mouth during a science class and poking it out with juices leaking from it … is nauseating.

You can use either Sand or Ashes to throw onto the ICE when trying to get up to the mountain in Leisure Suit Larry 2.

prince megahit

Lol! No# 1.

Shagging (the PG term) any creature in Sierra’s one and only “Hero’s Quest” results in “Ods Bodkins”, “Gadzooks” or various other funny messages.

Scott me up beamy (game: larry)



Some *'s for the obvious reasons :slight_smile:



Iron Maiden! Excellent! Errr … I have no idea why I just said that.

Bill Preston … Esquire.

Save Ferris!

[b] insaneHat!


“There can be only one!”


“You are eaten by a grue”

EISA bus…?!?

mit, nach, bei, seit, von, zu, aus, ausser, …

a video of a very very cruel, inhuman, violent and abhorrend beheading. one of those Al-Qaida videos, killing a soldier.
damn, i wish i had never seen this, as it was so shocking - after seeing it (well, i was NOT able to watch it completely, i had to look away (what i never did before that)) my knees were shaking!
sometimes it gets back in my mind for no reason, but at least i can sleep without dreaming of it.


fvr10d ann simpson but not in that order!