Clean removal of old firmware



I just bought the nec3520a off of newegg and i’ll need to remove my old burner. as the title asks, how do i totally remove the old firmware??

thanks freaks :slight_smile:


If I get what your saying your asking how to remove the firmware for your old burner? :confused: If thats the case then when you unscrew the drive the fiimware goes with it.
If thats not what your asking we need more information? :confused:


yah i’m a total nub. thats what i needed to know. so the only thing i have to do is remove the drive and put in the new? easy enough. thanks pc-guy.


The firmware is in your old drive and when you remove it it will go with it…
But you could remove the drive entry in Devicemanager and then shutdown before you remove the drive and install the new one.



For clarification to those that are reading this that are not totally familiar with the term “Firmware”-

Firmware is a program that is burned to a chip located within the optical drive - and determines the way that the optical drive reads and writes-

So when you remove the drive - the firmware (which resides inside on the chip) goes with it-

Hope that this helps-