Clean pc

whats a good program to clean out the pc? like uneeded files ect

One of the best one is “format.exe”. :wink:

I use

but i’m sure there are better ones out there…

CCleaner, or System Mechanic (but hmm…the new version seems really buggy, so i reverted back to v5).

isn’t it

It’s and “cleaning software” aren’t worth the time or effort.

I’m using TuneUp Utilities 2004 it is very useful :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the files but I like registry Mechanic by PCtools. To really clean out a PC you need to clean the registry as well. You can try a demo of Registry mechanic from

damn… you’re right. I haven’t used it for years. =)

Still the best utility for cleaning the disc would be to clean every unnecessary (user) data yourself. For cleaning windows mess it’s always best and fastest to restore the main file system from an clean Image file (using Norton Ghost or similar program).

jv16PowerTools is very good, just be careful not to clean too much with it (it also has a restore function, just in case).

I’ve been using jv16 for years although I stayed at 1.4. I didn’t really like the layout of 1.5 but it might of just been from not spending enough time with it.