Clean Install now no DVD



:confused: Hello,
I recently purchased two NEC DVD_RW drives ND 3550A. I thought since I was opening my case up anyway why not get a couple of sata hdd too. well everything was going good. I installed my xp pro version, upgraded to sp2 and then I went to run “dvdshrink”. Thats where I dropped the ball. My two new drives were not listed as a burning drives. I checked in windows and they are listed in the device manager as dvd-rw drives, however when I put a dvd in the drive the “my computer” description changes from dvd-rw to cd-rom drive, the disk then just spins and spins. I got the drives from tigerdirect and the drives were OEM, but came with a Nero suite disk. I thought that was my problem, I thought I had just forgot to install nero, well I placed the nero disk in the drive and it just spins too. I tried the other drive and that one does the same. I dont think the drives are bad, since they both do the same thing.

Could this be a no dvd decoder error?
I want to try other options before flashing my firmware. what I find weird is that the disc that came with the drives “Nero Suite” will not be read in either drives.
(link to drives)

I tried the NEC site and they wont help because I bought them OEM.

Any Help is appreciated.


DVDShrink has no burning engine - it either requires an actual Nero or DVDDecrypter…

Also, DVD-RW > CD-Drive icon change is only cosmetical.