Clean install, no sound, can't figure out what driver i need

ok nevermind, i’m done being an idiot. it’s ADI

at least now i know what i’m looking for! woo! progress!

i really think i’ve dled and tried to install everything BUT the right one.

i may have found it

i’ll report back

EDIT: that was it!!!

thanks everyone for helping out! it’s so much easier when you can talk through a problem. now i can listen to bon jovi on my poor old hp.


Hope it works

Glad to hear you have it sorted out. In the process of searching for your sound drivers I found out that my MB BIOS has been updated and I just downloaded and installed the newest. It’s nice when everything is working properly. Be sure to Ghost it ASAP.

Technology, the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems. /.

just have to finish installing nero and let the ghosting commence.

never ever ever going to have to deal with this again. i started the format/reinstall process about 6 hours ago haha…

I had a prob a while ago with my soundcard. I formatted and went to install the drivers and they wouldnt install properly took hours before I finally noticed I had the dam joystick plugged into the soundcard game port, it pissed me off so much

haha that’s funny.

last night i had my monitor facing toward my bed and i was lying down with my keyboard in my lap. my computer stsrted going berserk. it took 54 copies of thunderbird to pop up before I realized that one of my pillows was on the ENTER key on the numeric keypad.

i really thought it was possessed haha

hahaha 54 shit i would have been going mad

Hope it worked out okay . I am posting this to get some spam off this board!!!