Clean install, no sound, can't figure out what driver i need

i feel like a moron right now haha.

just did a clean install of XP and backed up everything you could possible think of but a sound card driver. this is a prebuilt pc, and i have no idea what sound driver is inside.

control panel says no audio devices installed

when i look in everest, there is nothing under “windows audio” and it says “Intel 82801DB ICH4 - AC’97 Audio Controller [A-1]” under “PCI/PnP Audio”

i assumed this meant i was looking for realtek AC’97 drivers. I managed to find version 3.88 on i forget what site. it downloads ok, but halfway through installation my computer reboots itself. It did this twice. I even downloaded the file again just in case it was a corrupt download.

i just did a full clean install so there shouldn’t be anything conflicting on here.

little info:
Intel p4 2Ghz
512 MB RAM

i checked the hp website for my prebuilt model number and while there was every other kind of driver imaginable, no sound drivers.

anyone have any ideas?

Hi reasonsnotrules. Can you tell us the Model number fo your HP? I did a quick search and came up with this link, Specific model # may narrow the search.:slight_smile:

wouldn’t a HP have a restore disc? They should be included on that if there is.

hp 752n.

i actualyl just uninstalled all of the audio stuff in device manager and rebooted to see if windows would recognize anything on it’s own…well it did recognize and starts to install a driver then tells me it needs a cd. good old HP gave up on giving out CDs long ago and my recovery partition is long since dead along with the piece of junk hard drive that came with this box haha.

i’m worried there’s something really wrong. i just tried another dl that i had found and my computer restarted itself again.

going to see if i can check the event viewer now

no discs and no drivers for audio on the HP site under support and downloads.

HP is fond of “recovery partitions” which are theleast useful things in the world.

i’m sure i’ve ranted about it before.

this box is about 5 years old, and i’ve kept it running in good shape no thanks to HP. i’m kind of partial to this computer haha. it’s the first majot purchase i made with my own money. i bought my computer and my car the same year when i was in high school haha

yeah but they usually give a recovery cd oh well. I found this maybe it helps

here is another search i did the first link looks ok as well GOOGLE

thanks, but i found that too.

the download link is dead.

i found a driver on the realtek site. if this make my computer reboot itself I might cry.

there is an error entry in the event viewer, but when i did some research on it, nothing really seemed relevant. It had to do with viruses. even though my antivirus was the first thing I installed, i did a virus scan anyway and the system was clean as expected

Looks like your not the first with this issue. Click.

Did you install SP2 for xp?

aren’t prebuilt systems supposed to make life easier for end-users?

as i’m searching (and i ALWAYS search a ton before posting) all I’m finding are people getting upset that the information is so hard to find…and it’s true!

i might wipe the drive again and try to install the driver first and see if it reboots my system.

all that time i just spent installing all my programs :frowning: haha.

i was doing a clean install this time so i could make a ghost image so i’d never have to go through the hours of installation ever again…looks like I might have to one more time haha

Sometimes you can ask windows to do an update to search on the internet to search for the drivers but if windows does not see the built in audio thats a large problem. Maybe by opening the case and looking on the motherboard for the audio chip maybe you can determine which driver you need. Another solution is if you have a free pci slot -you can install an inexpensive sound card. I know you know more about computers than me but I remember working on a hp. Maybe someone who has a hp752 can tell you the exact sound card driver you need.good luck. You probably solved this already while I was typing .

Dunno what you would think of this but give LINUX a go, Suse is a pretty good distro for beginners (if you are a beginner to linux) and old timers too

when i have windows search for the drivers things start looking up then it asks me for some file on some cd that i don’t have.

screw it. i’ve just been downloading any driver with a link that works. i’ve got nothing to lose at this point haha. i’ll either have sound by the end of the night or my computer will hold the record for least amount of time from a clean install to being crippled with spyware, viruses, and junk files…

i have another computer at my disposal. this is more on principle than anything else.

someday i do want to learn linux (yes, i am a beginner)

i played around with knoppix for a while, but i’ve been too busy lately. maybe i’ll try to learn SuSe…I just graduated college and I’m unemployed…I’ll certainly have the time haha

According to my search results your MB is an Intel D845GLVA and drivers are available here:
Audiio Drivers

i was just abot to ask you to marry me as the installation started, but then:

“device object not present. restart the system and run setup again”

i restarted the system and ran setup again…no such luck.

Saved by the bell…

I found four sources for drivers for your motherboard, and each is for a different CODEC. Sorry for getting your hopes up. I’ll keep searching. Can you check and see which sound chip you have? It’s either ADI, Realtek, Sigmatel or intergrated Soundblaster.

Apparently your hp can have either one of 2 mobos in it. Best to have a look inside to get the right one

let’s pretend i’m dumb.

how would i Identify the sound chip? do you mean open her up and take a look around? because I wouldn’t know what a sound chip looked like if it bit me. I’m good with hard drives, optical drives, fans, and wiring. processors, mobo’s, and audio/video cards aren’t my cup of tea.

i just took a look around everest and didn’t see anything that might match what you asked me.

i knew there was a reason i posted this in the newbie forum!