Clean erase of firmware?

Is there a way or app to wipe firmware clean.?I have a Sony that is a rebranded Lite-on.I had reflashed it with the liteon firmware.At that time i was basically just burning cd’s and a few dvd-+rw’s. It wasnt until I wanted to start backing up my PS2 games and found out it would lock up when inserting verbatim,sony dvd-+r.It would read the dvd-+rw’s and all cd’s .I figured it was messed up and bought a LG. So flash forward now about year and half or so later my PC power supply died and I moved my drives into other PC.I popped in the Sony and I flashed it to the sony firmware.Now i had done this already in past and it didnt help.But this time it fixed it.It would read discs that would lock it up before.I tested and burned a dvd -r.It burned and read fine. For some reason i decided to flash it to the Lite on firmware.After that it went back to way it was before.Locking up on the same discs just earlier it burnt and read fine. I have tried to flash it back to the sony firware with no success. The fact that it worked when flashing it back to sony then stopped working when flashing to LiteOn has to mean the liteon firmware is causing the problem.Im thinking if I can do a clean wipe of firware and then reflash it with sony that might fix it.

Flashing introduces delting the old firmware first.
What you describe is KILLING the drive, because without kernel/firmware its a piece of crap.
Check the codeguys site for hints & tools.