Clean and proper back up, anything to add?

For the longest time, this is how i have backed up my current dvd’s. what i would like to know if anyone has anything to add or possibly replace a program i use with another. here is my current steps

#1 Use Dvd dvd dycrypter to back up the dvd

#2 Use Dvd Shrink to drop it down to a Dvd-5 Size
( i always have it do a deep analysis before it backs up)

#3 i use clond dvd to burn the copy of the video_ts and audio files.

never had a problem with reading these back ups. the reason i post this
im wondering if there is another program that i should substitute for any i use to possible make a better copy. maybe there is something i can add in between a program i use that can help encode better, or better audio files anything…


DVD Shrink compression and encoding produces excellent video quality. :smiley:
Only thing I would recommend to reduce your total # of apps used is to drop DVD Decrypter.
DVD Shrink can rip + encode without any problems.