Classification of User?



I could not find in the forum:

What is the criterea for different classifications of users in these forums?

In other words, I see NEWBIE, NEW TO FORUM, MEMBER, SENIOR, DIE-HARD, etc…?



The moderators keep an eye on you and adjust your title when they feel like it. I think it´s based on the quality of your jokes.


As far as I know it’s based on the number of post you make and nothing else! But I also think the answer can be found somewhere in the forum since I remember that I’ve read it somewhere!


Not sure what you’re asking…but welcome! :slight_smile:

Your “status” moves up a notch after you make so many posts. Not sure what the various statuses (?) are, though.

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I also found Blown to smitherines, as a classification?

It must be the number of posts, but I would like to see where the criterea is posted…:stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re following the link above you’ll have the answer, but maybe a mod would clarify this for you.


I think we posted at the same time…
Yes thanks for that link! Here is the portion that was found in that link.

What user levels are there and what do they mean? When you have posted a certain amount of posts your user status will automatically change. You will get no extras on this forum when you attain a new user status, it is in name only. However, a user status may indicate how involved you are. However, please be aware that, as the user titles are only linked to the number of posts, the user status gives little indication of the user’s technical merits (people with a few posts may still be a technical expert, whereas people with many posts may simply be chatters in the Living Room forum). The more you have posted and participated in discussions on this forum, the more we expect of you to abide by the rules and guidelines of this forum. You can not edit your own user status, this option has been disabled. Certain users have been granted custom user titles on the basis of their contribution to CD Freaks (not by request).

But of course, it really doesn’t define the terms used, nor the number of posts required… So I assume it is a loose rule, that is determined by the forum moderators…


When a board/forum is set up the admins can play about with the settings, linked user titles in this case. If you are members on other forums you may have seen icons in the area where the user name is they either increase or change colour as your posts increase, this is the same thing.

When the board is set up the admins set the number of posts needed for each change to take place. They can change this at any time.

The reason for the custom titles is already given in the link that rapid has given you.


So then a person could have been registered with a forum for lets say 3 years, and reading daily, but perhaps only posting to items that he had specific knowledge in, could still be considered a newbie?
Yet a person who joined a month ago, who doesn’t want to use the search tools (lazy), posts several questions a day, could be considered a SENIOR member?



That about sums it up!


That just doesn’t seem right, but OKieDokie…:confused:


It may not be technically “right” but how else are the moderators going to determine user status…they’d probably have to compile a ratings dossier on each poster and that would be too unwieldy.
Or imagine having to undergo some sort of online test before you could move up the ladder.
You’ve got to remember that all the posters that help out here are all doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, not for kudos or boosting their self-image. Personally, I don’t think the good people of this forum…and they are good… really worry about the status ratings. They read, learn and contribute and take in what is relevant to them. BTW, I’ve made a lot of good friends on this forum…couldn’t care less about their status…just value their friendship and assitance.


it’s equally wrong for them to go by how long you’ve been a member here as well though. someone who posts once a year when they get a new gagdet for christmas and are confused about it, but has been posting for 5 years is certainly more of a “newbie” than someone who consistently offers relevant advice over a year or two period.

as far as mods decided who gets what…would you like the job of giving titles to all 204,055 members?

I think post count is a fine way to do it haha


speak for yourself…I do it for the hot guys :slight_smile:


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