Classic shell alternative



Do i understand correctly, this is classic shell alternative? Anyone, is this better?


Hi. Not quite correct.

Shortly, CS’s intension was originally to bring WinXP/98’s menu to W7/Vista. Then skins appeared - and now it is complete alternative to a Windows Start menu itself.
Power8 is designed to work in environment where no Start Menu exists at all.

So, we’re different in the core.

After that:

  • they’re faster (should be at least at startup) as CS is written in C++, and we write P8 in C#;
  • thay have configurable themes and we don’t;
  • we provide access to Windows Search results and they don’t (at the moment);
  • we have our own implementation of JumpLists that works on WXP and they don’t;
    …and so on. There are pluses and minuses all over the applications. If you would like me or anyone else can provide later a comparison table on P8 and CS from user’s perspective.