Classic games from the 80's, games included!

Yay I found this website .
It dawned on me once again how fun Simon can be. And the other games, ooh the memories!

So go play, discuss old games (I knew there are old threads about this but this one includes games ;)) and post your high-scores!

Level 8 on Simon so far, only played a little. Must play more Simon!

4110 on Star Castle

AWESOME find dude.

Great site, duck hunt djee that brings back memories!!

nice find, makes me feel old now…lol
think i’ll just have another go on space invaders.:iagree:

Cool. I love Donkey Kong! :cool:

Ahhh, good old Frogger… Still gives me those funny epileptic feelings. :cool:
And how could I ever live without my daily dose of Tetris ?

I hope you guys know of AGD Interactive ?
They remake those old Sierra games, like King Quest I and II, and offer it for free on their website
Currently they are working on a VGA remake of Quest For Glory II. Should come out in this year.

I know this game site has been posted once before in the Quest thread. But I thought this would be a good topic to post it in.
Great site with tons of cool games :iagree: