[Classic] - 373rd comic ... No no version - Roller skate fun [Part 11]

Heya everybody,

so what to do if there’s no new Blindwrite version to test? Jon sure has a good idea… roller skating… sure sport is good for your health…
Sounds like fun? It sure is: Check this out! :iagree:

:smiley: :smiley:

And yes… still to be continued!


PS: And yeah I still want to know what number is your favorite comic up to now…

I’ve found the old comic number 184 back from 2005 with poor colors and published a new version. This comic was for Namoh…

Now you can update your Blindwrite comic archive:

Old version:

[B]New version:[/B]

we should think about publishing a best of gallery… so everybody should post his favorite comic and I’ll think about making a best of post with all the old nominated comics…


Nice comic Alex!!

About the old / new one … I like the old one more, the purple colour is to bright (but that’s just my opinion).

I’ve published my favorites a long time ago, I’ve to look in the old threads.