[Classic] - 372nd comic ... No no version - free lifetime supply [Part 10] ^^

Heya everybody,

so here’s the new comic about the missing new Blindwrite version…
I don’t think there’ll be a new version during this century. OK perhaps I’m wrong… perhaps not… :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

Best wishes and a good start into this new weeks!


Thanks to all the readers, who still read and comment the comics like they did a few years ago. You sure know who I mean :clap: :clap::iagree:

Wow!!! John is ugly … even as a woman. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work Alex!!

We appreciate it, well at least I do (although I don’t have as much time to check the comics as I used to).

Another great one Alex, keep’em coming :wink:

Thank you both very much :wink:

Namoh I think Jon is not playing a woman here. He is a very strong muscle man and just has long hair. Perhaps the type of man some woman are looking out there… well he looks a bit like “Jean Claude van Damme” in “Hard Target”… I loved that movie :iagree: