[Classic] - 358th comic - The real stable Blindwrite-PC

Heya everybody,

so here’s the new comic for today:

Anybody here, who has such a stable Blindwrite-PC? And if yes… which version? :wink:

By the way… the webspace for the comics is soon nearing its end. Means the comic business will soon stop. It’s already 25 MBs and the size is only increasing. However if there’s anybody here, who likes to host it for free then you can answer here… :clap: :iagree:



I really enjoy your BW comics sorry to hear your out of space :frowning:

Nice comic Alex.
How are you doing?

Soory, but no webspace here. :frowning:

Well I have to wait until April 26th then I go to the professor again where I was in hospital. They said it is the best professor in Europe. The torn muscle is called “rhomboideus major” … it was torn a few years ago and they now tried to re-fix and attach it again. I don’t know if it really is ok so I have to wait and see. If anybody here knows another professor or doctor, who is interested in this then please contact me. The best professor in Europe told me that approx. only 5-10 persons on the world have the same problem that I have.