[Classic] - 325th comic - Garfield the Blindwrite-Cat

Heya everybody,

so it’s already comic number 325… time sure flew by during the last 5 years… hell - yes it’s already nearly been 5 years up to now.

So check out today’s comic it’s a real classic Blindwrite comic again and it’s all about Garfield, our Blindwrite Cat.

Btw… is Blindwrite still updated or are there no new versions?
:clap: :doh: :iagree: :iagree:


Great comic!!

Silly cat. :iagree:

Thanks Namoh :slight_smile:
By the way… who said Garfield is intelligent…? :wink:


(@Namoh I’ll keep you updated with this shoulder stuff)

LOL, very nice comic Alex, very nice :clap:

Thanks H3rB3i… :wink: the football WM is over so there might be time again for more comic business ^^ :smiley: