[Classic] - 309th comic - Jon and Garfield's new Blindwrite Test



Heya everybody,

so this will be a real good ol’ classic comic about Blindwrite. Are you ready? Because sure I am :clap: :smiley: :iagree: :iagree:

OK here we go for today:

And I have a very difficult thing to announce. There will be a big comic break in the next time. I will still publish a few comics but then there might be a 5 week break or something like that. OK you sure want to know why that?.. I have some health problems and need to go to hospital. I had this already for a few years but now it is really time to go. It has something to do with some muscles on my back that well… are damaged… broken or however you call that. And now they want to try to fix it…

So I don’t know when I will get back. My last day here will be the 24th March… :eek: :eek:

But I’ll continue the work when I get back…
(when I ever get back :eek: :eek: )



LOOL, nice comic Alex.

Bad to hear about your health problems. Get well soon.

(when I ever get back )

Unkraut verdirbt nicht :wink: :p)


Thanks H3rB3i - I’m sure everything will hopefully get well…

To say it in German:

Ich und Unkraut - niemals! :clap: :disagree: :disagree: … höchstens an Feiertagen löööl :slight_smile:


Good one :bigsmile:

p.s. Gute Besserung!


Thanks kalas :wink:

Gesundheit ist ja immer noch das Wichtigste :wink: aber es wird schon :slight_smile:
(Health sure is the most important thing :wink: but I’m sure it will be ok :slight_smile: )


Wie sagt man das, ich glaube ‘Hals und Beinbruch’ :flower:


Yes ScorpioSoft you’re right :wink: exactly like that we say it here in Germany
:bow: :bow: :clap:


Nice comic Alex, and good luck in the hospital. :iagree: