[Classic] - 267th comic ... Garfield and the really stable Blindwrite version!

Heya everybody,

Jon sure has tested lots of different Blindwrite versions on his PC… Garfield has tried out Blindwrite, too. But Garfield’s life is a lot more than Blindwrite :iagree: … if you think about all that “FEED ME” stuff you’ll sure know!
Today’s comic really shows something about a stable Blindwrite version… :clap: :clap: … you want to know what happened?


…and have a nice weekend! (with lots of beer) :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley: :clap: :doh: :doh: :iagree:

…well I don’t drink alcohol… I just don’t like it… I only drink it when I got problems with women… :doh: :doh:


LMAO!!! Nice work Alex! :iagree:

Fun, nice comic. :iagree:

@Alex, don’t drink when you’ve problems with women, it will only double them. :wink:

Well I admit that you’re right… but after all those bad experience I had with women I really must admit that this is the only time where I drink alcohol…
…and you know being together with a woman over years and then notice that it just don’t work anymore… that just happened too often to me :doh: :doh: … and the last time 5 weeks ago :eek: :iagree:
When do you drink alcohol Namoh? … come on… don’t say ALWAYS, will ya? :rolleyes: :wink: :clap: :doh:

Ah the fabled stable version.