[Classic] - 238th comic - Blindwrite 5.2.16 news

Heya everybody,

it’s classic comic time again and here we go with a brand new version of the good old classic comics. This time Garfield has to face Blindwrite 5.2.16… let’s see how this turns out: :smiley: :iagree:

Have a good start into the week…

…by the way… the Ding-Dong series will soon be continued… :clap: :clap:


Really nice comic Alex, I like this one. :iagree: :iagree:

Thanks Namoh! … and by the way… I like your new animated GIF in your profile… :clap: :wink: :iagree:


Somehow I get a lot off positive reactions from the male members. :wink:

I bet ;),

@Alex, once more a nice comic, thanks

LOL :bigsmile:

Great comic.

Very cool. Garfield must spend all of his non nap time colouring in large NO! signs.