[Classic] 223rd comic - Blindwrite and Copy2DVD will soon rule the world!

Heya everybody,

another day for a classic Blindwrite comic. Hey even Copy2DVD is mentioned today ;)) … This time we have Garfield facing an evil spider. What will he do? Will he rescue the world? You’ll now find out in a few seconds… :iagree: :wink: … not to mention that this might be one of those “best all times comics”!

Here we go:

…to be continued…

Hope to get lots of feedback on this one! :wink: :iagree: :smiley:


LMAO!!! Funny One Alex! :iagree:

Buggy fun. Nice one.

LOL :bigsmile:

I like spiders, but that was still pretty funny.

HEHEHE, Garfield rulez.

Hehehe, Garfield is taking thinks literally. :bigsmile: