[Classic] - 213th comic - The revenge of the Blindwrite PC



Heya everybody,

after Jon’s problem with the evil toaster we have another new problem ahead… Jon’s Blindwrite PC seems to … well I think you should read it for yourself. So we’ll see what comes next. BTW - the new website DJMind is putting up for my comics might be ready very soon so stay tuned everybody!

Here we go with the comic:

…ahhh… another Blindwrite Classic at last :wink:

Tomorrow it’s the day of Episode III - nothing more to say…



Hehehehehe. Great one.

Hey first in line. :slight_smile:

Is there a special Episode 3 meets BlindWrite meets Evil Toaster comic???


Good comic Alex.

Tomorrow the next comic … kewl, that’s the last one for this week, right!


Hi Womble - Hi Namoh…

@Womble … a special episode III comic featuring DARTH VADER :wink: :slight_smile:
…this one might really be the best comic of all times!

Yeah tomorrow will be the last comic for this week because I’m going on a little holiday :wink:


Watch out for the waith of George Lucas.


Made me smile Alex :), Episode III comic :bow: :bow: :bow:


LOL :bigsmile:

Of course, Jon wouldn’t unplug it first…