Clarification on LiteOn's updates? (LVW-5006)

Now that I’m using my 06 as my “number one” machine for a while, I can’t recall if I updated it or not. (Would have likely been with both the LiteOn upgrade, and the hack.)

Thing is, I can’t remember. Been using the 5005 for too long.

Have I correctly picked up on the boards that they’ve done something to the upgrades so that the hack will no longer work?

I don’t want to upgrade it if there’s no reason to. (If it’s not going to do all that much to improve the machine. The 06 already has 3hour, and I’m not all that macro-fearful to risk it without knowing.)

If this is the case and further updates from LiteOn would criple the upgrade potential, is there a way to apply the hack without doing any other kind of upgrade?

What is your setup screen serial number now on the 5006, and what is it on your 5005. The IloHacker does not work on the 0101 fw yet. The 5005 and 5006 get the firmware updates from the same place on LiteOn. The 0101 update does Closed Captioned and someone mentione d it stopped their jitter. As mentioned previously the 3rd group of XXXX is the system firmware and the 4th group is the drive firmware of the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (XXX-XXXX). The first group of numbers in the () wil be able to tell you if you hacked it or not.

The latest version available for your SN is the 0101 update on which the Ilo Hacker does not do MV. Doing this update does not prevent further upgrading just the MV hack.

You can apply the MV hack if you have a previous fw downloaded (0090 or 0098)and run Ilo on that fw.

To add to what jm said - if you are going to go 101 and then try to get back to 098 with the hack, I highly recommend you go 098 first (even if that is what you already have) just to confirm the 098 you have is the right one. I didn’t do that and for a while I was thinking I was stuck at 101 - but once I got the RIGHT 098 and ran the hack, no problem at all.

The reason for going 101 at all is you get a drive firmware update in the package.

I don’t understand taking a chance of screwing up your recorder and voiding the warranty just to bypass Macrovision. Years ago I bought a small electronic device thats powered by a 9 volt battery and goes inline on the video in cable. It allows the video to pass thru without the Macrovision… Are there no cheap hardware alternatives. Also why not just rip it on your computer and burn it back without the macrovision