Clarification about NeroCOM/DVD Drives

Hi All,
I wanted to confirm couple of things about NeroCOM and DVD Drives in general.

  1. I have read couple of previous threads which said that for parallel recording (ie simultaneous recording) to more than one media at the same time, different instances of the application will have to be used(as Nero does not support simultaneoud recording in a single process). Does this hold good now also?
  2. As NeroCOM is just a wrapper over NeroSDK, all the discussions dealt will be same for either. Is that correct?
  3. If there were to be crash or an abrupt system shutdown while recording on a DVD-R or DVD+R, what is the impact on the media being used? Would it be re-usable? (or would it depend on the DVD Drive we are using)
  4. I guess that with DVD-RAM there would not be a significant impact (for a case as above). Am I right?

Thanks in advance


1). Yes, NeroAPI as well as NeroCOM cannot be used to burn two or more discs simultaneously within a single process. You would have to start multiple processes to accomplish this.

2). Yes, sort of, although being different APIs, some restrictions may apply.