Clariant announces breakthrough development of HD DVD-R DL discs

I just posted the article Clariant announces breakthrough development of HD DVD-R DL discs.

  Functional  dye from Clariant is major element in the next generation of  DVDs   Sulzbach,    Ts.,     Germany, August 4, 2005 '“ In a joint  project, Clariant (Switzerland) and Toshiba...
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What a Crock of Sh*t! :r (BTW:Funny line about Aniston Crabby.)
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Why are they comparing triple layer HD DVD of 45GB with single layer DVD of 4.7GB? That makes no sense. Just to make everything look good…:S

::: “THIS JUST IN … HD-DVD is lame” :::

The use of organic dyes for these disks is very cost-efficient by using the economical spin-coating process for the recording layer. This will allow manufacturers to produce at costs close to those for current DVD with even lower cost per Gigabyte and offer the new disk on the market at reasonable price. ----------- We’re waiting. We are. Now prove it… Any signs of rewritables? Are they gonna be as reliable as DVD-RAM? Waiting, again.