Clacking sound in movies

After i burn a movie,the orriginal sound of the movie is there but i hear a clacking sound on the during the whole movie.
I have tried different movies but they all produce the same sound.
Could it be the burning speed? I use clone2 at burning speed 4.

sigh once again, what version of CloneDVD2 what version of AnyDVD, what are you trying to copy, what type of media are you writing to.

Funny how we suddenly started to get brand new posters with problems nobody else has encountered hmmmmm

I guess one could always deselect the “clacker” audio stream in the meantime.

Maybe he has movies about trains. :smiley:

I think the problem with the clacking sound was a bad media.
i just made a perfect copy from the movie MONSTERS.INC,using only clonedvd2 ( on tdk dvd-r 1-8 4.7gb
I don’t have ANYDVD why should i get ANYDVD as you say in your guide,when it worked perfect alone with clonedvd2. I browsed the TS_VIDEO files direct from the original in the drive and clone did the rest in less than half an hour.

clonedvd does not remove ANY type of protection at all. anydvd is what decrypts the movie sso slonedvd can process it.

if you only have unencrypted dvds to process then I think you need to re-evaluate your original dvd source if you’re backing up theatrical films.

if you’re just working with home videos then no, anydvd is nto required.

monsters inc, however, is not a home video, so it’s certainly curious how this was backed up without the use of a decrypter.

stratos 10a -

The Monsters, Inc. DVD was released by Walt Disney/Pixar Films in 2001 and does in fact contain a commercial encrypted copy protection scheme. All Original Commercial DVD Movies contain a commercial encrypted copy protection scheme and to make backup copies of original Commercial DVD Movies requires the use of a copy protection encryption removal program similar to AnyDVD.

Attempting to use the CloneDVD software program by itself without the use of any copy protection encryption removal program similar to AnyDVD will result in the CloneDVD software program displaying the “This DVD Is Copy-Protected – CloneDVD Is Not For Use In Copy Protected DVDs” warning page and further processing will be denied.

If you were able to make a backup copy of Monsters, Inc. with the CloneDVD software program alone without the use of any copy protection encryption removal program similar to AnyDVD then your Monsters, Inc. DVD was a copy and not an Original Commercial DVD.


…But the guy in the subway station where I bought it said it was legit!