Civilization III GE backup with CloneCD

Hello CD cloning gurus.
Here is my problem and maybe somebody could give me a good advice how to solve it.
I want to make a working backup copy of Civilization III Gold Edition disc.
CloneCD does its magic. However, whenever I try to lunch a game the program crushes with the following Error Signature:

AppName: civilization3x.exe AppVer: ModName: ~df394b.tmp
ModVer: Offset: 000548ed

Is anybody familiar with this problem? BTW, I know that SafeDisc 2.90 with which this game is protected detects CloneCD. This is not an issue in this case, because I tried the game on several computers, including those which have no disc writers and no disc copying software.

When was the CD made and when did you buy it?

Hey and welcome to the forums Ramzay.

From memory Civilization III Gold Edition has SafeDisc 3.20 on all the discs. This is trouble for most writers on the market now. The error you experience (if it only happens with the backup) is due to your backup being good enough to look like a copy, but not good enough to pass authetication (where SafeDisc checks the disc). If you could post your writers we may be able to help more.

Secondly, since you had burnt this with CloneCD, i assume you selected the Protected PC Game profile? If this is the case, then it may be a simple solution of enabling CloneCD’s 'Hide CDR Media" option in the CloneCD Tray (to access this i think you have to go into Start>Program Files>SlySoft>CCDTray or something similar to that).

Good Luck!

How would I now when it was made? The Copyright mark on CD list 2003 Atary Copyright. I think I bought it in fall of 2003.

I will start with your second point. Yes, I burnt it with CloneCD in Protected PC Game mode. But the presence of CloneCD or CDR media on computer is not the case because I have program crushing even when running on another computer without CDR media and CloneCD.
As to your first point, you are obviously right – the copy is not perfect. Actually it is good enough to install game and be played using the original disc, but it is not good enough to play the game using it as an activation disc. Because if I use the original CD game starts fine. But when I try to use the backup copy as it begins to launch it crushes.
I don’t know exactly what version of SafeDisc is used. A-Ray, which is considered to be THE soft to diagnose disc protection states that SafeDisc 2.90 is used. However, I read that CloneCD 5 handles with SafeDisc 3.0.
To make long story short: what is claimed to be working – doesn’t. What are my options? What can I used to make an exact and workable backup copy of the disc?

First of all creating a ‘1:1’ backup of SafeDisc 2.9 is hardware dependant. You can simply test your CDRW/DVDRW so you’ll see if it can handle SafeDisc 2.9 doing the Sheep Test. Also reading and writing at slow speed like 4x will ‘increase’ your chances of success depending on your hardware! Posting your model would be helpful.

Thanks for very informative reply. I’ll try to run tests and see what’s going on.
I have 2 PC with writers. One with SONY DRU-530A, and another with Plextor PlexWriter 16/10/40A.

The old copy of cloncd (elbys) copied my civ iii, now I got slysofts copy and it failed totally, I am very disappointed. I upgraded my sony from a pcrv360ds to a pcrv720g p3 to p4, and I want to play civ 3 again (since i got bored of heros iv) and only use copys since I play to a level that eats up my cd’s.

When I use to run my copy of civ iii that clonecd copied I had to set my windows region to canada to get around that error mentioned above and it worked!!! (weird).

So do i have to run “sheep” tests and will the sheep test tell me if slysofts clonedvd will also work or have i just waisted good bucks buying bad wares!