Civilization 4

I just bought a bootleg copy of Civ 4. Yea, spare me of the illegal shit. Anyways, it contains a MDS file of about 5 kb, an MDF file of about a gig, daemon tools and sd4hide. It even tells me how to install it. I really don’t get how it works but I followed the directions but nothing seems to work. Help please?

Sorry cant help you.
BUY the original game.

I did BUY the game. Cmon, someone please help me, Im broke and I really want to play this game. Im not the only one so cmon.

if you really wanted to play it you’d buy the original game. we’re not trying to be assholes…we’re just trying to follow the forum rules (which you agreed to when you signed up for a CDF account).

copyright issues are a big deal in many countries right now and cdfreaks is an international forum. we’re trying to keep CDF safe which is what this and the other forum rules are designed to do.

if you can’t respect those rules then there’s nothing we can do for you.