Civilization 4 (DVD)

Hi guys, I’m pretty new to these kind of things, so if I’m asking a seemingly obvious question: Pardon me

Ok, I got Civilization4 DVD (SafeDisc4), so I thought I try to do a backup with my new toy (DVD Writer : Benq 1620 - ok, it’s not that new…)

Anyway, I loaded Alcohol 120%… i remember last time i dupe my AOE3 (CD) game, it prompted me the option to choose what datatype (Safedisc, securerom etc…)

This time round it didn’t… I suppose DVD games have no datatype/profiles for the various encryption?

So anyway, I just went ahead to burn, and it was successful duplication (as in the program report so). I tried to install the game using it, and it installed successfully. But just that I cant start the game using that disc (normal right? so i’ll just use no-disc crack if i want to use right?)

  1. So is a fully installed (with no errors reported) game from a copied disc considered a successfull duplication?

  2. If there’s no datatype for alcohol for DVDs (if what i say is right, i stand corrected), how do I duplicate my future games that I want to backup (DVD), or do I just do it like this time round: Just burn? -> Provided Q1 is a positive…

  3. Ok, I know here its alcohol forum, but if I want to try CloneCD to duplicate… would I need the profiles? If so, where can I get them?

Many things to learn about this, pretty interesting, and I stand to be corrected, so please give me a pointer or 2 :wink:

  1. No.

  2. It isn’t possible to make a successful physical copy of a safedisc protected dvd owing to the inability of dvd writers to write dvds in raw mode. The best that can be done is to make an image that can be mounted and played from a virtual drive.

  3. You won’t have any better luck with CloneCD.