Civilization 3

I bought a copy of Civilization 3 v1.29. I have tried many of the suggestions for making a back up. None seem to allow me to make a working copy. I have an HP 9500i Writer and a Creative Labs 12x DVD Player. I tried another program, I forget which one to try and remove the Safedisc 2 from the image and it said it could not remove safedisc 2.8 or above yet so I will have to assume that is what Protection it has. I made the Image with cloneCD4 and burned the image with CloneCD4. I did a Nero CD Scan of the copy and the entire middle portion of the grip was coming up as damaged. That is when I scanned it in the Creative Labs. When I scanned it in the HP 9500i it said that it could not read the Damaged sectors or something like that. I need help with this. Thanks in advance.

Is it possible, even if painstaking, to remove the SafeDisc2 by hand? I noticed a few files that are obviously part of the protection. Could I possibly remove them to allow me to back up my cd?

Side Rant: It is rediculous the price you pay for the software, and can not even make a back up. They either need to stop this crud or put a lifetime replacement warranty on these things. Since one scratch can easily ruin a copy.