Civilization 3-Conquests

I was wondering what type of protection Civilization 3-Conquests uses.


sorry i gave it a scan with clonyxxl, and it come out SafeDisk 2.9
Ok, time to get dissapointed with my lg burner:confused:


There is only one model of GCE that is not a SD killer. The CED model on the other hand is an outright, across the board shocker.

You can try CloneCD, DiscDump+FireBurner, Alcohol 102%, Blindwrite.

Something will give you a backup one way or the other :slight_smile:

You should try scanning the game with another scanner such as Safedisc Analyser, Yates, Yaps or Protection ID.
I know of at least one game (Call Of Duty) that Clonny reports as Safedisc 2.9 but it is really protected with Safdisc 3.1