Civilisation 4

Hey All

I’ve tried a few things for backing up this game, but there seems to be some problems, I know the game is protected with safedisc 4.60.000 and I’ve read that you should read & burn at 4x, alcohol 120 won’t let me set a read speed for some reason and clonecd does not display a protected game icon, all it displayed was a dvd icon, my drive is a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1693S. I have successfully backed up rollercoaster 3 but I’m getting stuck with this.

Cd or dvd version of the game?

It’s DVD version, thanks for replying

It isn’t possible to make a working physical back-up copy of a safedisc protected dvd. The best that you can do is to make an image that will run when mounted on a virtual drive.

Hi Philamber

Ok thanks for the info, I’ll now find out about Virtual drives and try to learn some more about this.