Civil forfeiture finally filed for domains seized by US Gov in June

Civil forfeiture finally filed for domains seized by US Gov in June.

[newsimage][/newsimage]If history repeats itself, it appears that the owners of 82 domains seized by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) may have to wait another five months to be able to take the next step toward recovering those domains.

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The thing is, the contents were all uploaded by other parties that are not being pursued. Most of the uploads are still on the fileshare / streaming websites at this day, only a few of the websites that ONLY LINKED to it are gone. I find it a little too drastic - and worrysome - that they block pages that only link to what is available publicly, rather than going after the uploaders themselves or issue more copyright complaints on the Hosters themselves so that they remove it. They shouldn’t strike down on people like this without a warning for just linking somewhere. It’s like if I link somewhere with my blog and (far stretched but just for the sake of argument) made a typo, the typo-website turns out is a illegal one that I do not notice, and suddenly US decides to remove my domain alltogether instead of warning me first. They made more closings like this around the end of 2010 too and there was another issue there where they managed to control non .com domains, that are outside US jurisdiction. If anything, those domains should be handled by their respective countries, not Homeland Security.

I find it a troublesome development for globalization and internet freedom.

"ICE agents use the site in question and end up downloading infringing content"
I’d like to see the MPAA/ RIAA go after the federal government, after all they are admitting to illegally downloading materials. I wonder if a good defense would be “If the government can do, so can I?”

They downloaded in order to prove a point; that they too could get a movie. Somehow, in the justice process, they appear to be above the law…

I “had” to download it for the case - but you’re breaking a law then.
No, because I was sanctioned by blah blah blah… I can hear it now…