Anyone have any luck with this new game? I’ve been trying varying ways using emulators, burnt cd’s, hiders and what not but nothing seems to want to work.

Try scanning it with A-Ray and let us know what protection is found, you can get A-Ray scanner from Here

Safedisk 4.6, I’ve been reading that Alcahol 120% has been having some problems with this lately and some say sometimes it does work.

have you already tried mounting the image in Alcohol’s v-drive + using the tool SD4Hide (from SKULL)?
at least for Quake 4 (also SD 4.6) it worked wonderful, and it’s a 2 button-program… :wink:

Yes, I just recently got it after looking through Daemons site about the new SD version and found that. Worked good with an emulation off of daemon and sd4hide.

I can’t seem to find sd4hide anywhere (yes, I googled it). Can anyone help?


Thanks. But I can’t run the backup anyway… I mounted it with daemon tools, used sd4hide, the game shows tha splash screen and nothing happens, the splash screen disappears and I’m back to square one.

Oh well…

Look here:

Any advice on making the mini-image for this game? I stopped the image making procedure at 2-3 errors, as suggested, and I still can’t get the game to run using Daemon tools. Of course I also used the sd4hide tool since Civilization 4 uses SafeDisc 4.6.

Just as an extra note:

I haven’t been able to get this game to work with a full image I created either. That includes using SD4Hide program with Daemon Tools. Any help?

:clap: so the mini - image works with DT + SDHide !!!

i wasted like 4 dvds already on it. damn… but in the end it worked with gamejack… :smiley: :smiley: :bow:

I haven’t gotten it to work with a mini-image + DT + SDHide… heck I can’t even get it to work with full-image + DT + SDHide. I must be missing something.

Anti-blaxx + daemon tools also works well.

I just installed it to try to sort out why a mate couldn’t get it running and it fired up straight away mounted with daemon and using Vcdhide.

hello im new in the forum and i salute you =).

Let me say that ive already tried most of the methods listed above and i still cant play the game, and i even tried to burn the image into a dvd and i cant acces mi dvd drive to read the disc; does the programs above have somthing to do with that or what am i doing wrong?
Anyway u rock guys

i know that if you create an image using clone cd and then right click on the icon in the taskbar and select “hide cd-r media” it will work. The only thing is that this option is “disabled in the usa”? Any clue how to make this work, such as a european version of clonecd?

Just alter your windows language settings to say Canadian english and the hide cdr media option will be available.

You should of used DVD+RW to test until you got it to work :p.

I’ve just been using Daemon Tools and Anti-Blaxx to run my copy without issue. I may check out SDHide though.