Civ IV DVD -> CD's

Hi. I would like to back up my copy of Civ IV but its on a dvd and I dont have a dvd writer. Could some one please help me with instructions on how to copy a dvd on to several cds. Is it even possible?

Sure it is. Manually copy the files from the DVD to your hard drive. Now use WinRAR to archive the files, but have it split the archive into parts that are 650MB or 700MB in size. Now burn each of these archives to a CD.

Naturally, if you ever want to install the game from these CD’s, you’ll have to copy the WinRAR files to the hard drive and extract the files…

And all this will only work properly if the DVD doesn’t really have any kind of “copy protection” on it.

The disc is safedisc 4.6 protected. In short, you can forget about copying it to cds.