CIV III Gold Copy

I am trying to back up the following with Alcohol 120% and am not have much sucess
Civilization III Gold
Alcohol 120%
Windows XP Pro SP 1
TDK Burner 52X
AMD Athalon 2600+

Have tried all of the settings wondering if I am missing something.

at first, use a protection scanner to find out which protection is used…
but i would guess it is safedisc 2.9 (or higher) 'coz civ 3 conquests has already 2.9 …
then, if you know, post here the protection…

Do you know where I can get a protection scanner. I am relativly new at this.

You can find links to a number of them in this thread .

The copy protection is SafeDisc 2.90.040

so just use alcohol to read and write using the safedisc profile (and use your burner also for reading) - using 4x speed for reading and writing!
then it should work for you, but please don’t play from your burner, use your normal cd/dvd-rom drive.
if playing from a burner you need to hide atip information…
if it doesn’t work then try the safedisc 2/3 settings - also 4x read and write…

for some reason, i’m trying to do the same thing. i’m using alcohol’s safedisc profile, but it’s still giving me read errors as soon as it gets to any of the blocks in the 800’s. i tried using my other cd drive instead, and it stopped around 500. i’m out of ideas. is there anything i’m forgetting? also, btw, i did everything you said, and even read it at 4x speed with both drives. and, just to be sure, i even checked the disc myself, and confirmed that it has safedisc 2.90.040 on it.

The read erros are normal for SafeDisc protected CDs they’ll stop around 10500 and reading speed will increase.

ah. ok, cool. i’m at 10100 right now, so i guess i’ll find out in a little bit then. thanx :slight_smile: