City Wi-Fi shut down due to one pirated movie

I just posted the article City Wi-Fi shut down due to one pirated movie.

Residents of Coshocton, Ohio, will no longer be able to enjoy free municipal Wi-Fi, because one person downloaded a movie illegally over the network.

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MPAA probably wanted them to shut down Internet service throughout the city (if not the state) but probably had to settle for one wifi network.

What’s unfortunatel is the power that these greedy MPAA bastards have.

Probably a crappy movie too. With Walmart selling new movies and movie rental stores selling used movies so cheap I wonder why anybody bothers downloading movies illegal or otherwise. If they limited the size of downloads they might have have prevented the problem. Who downloads files that big and how did Sony find out anyway?

[QUOTE=Zathros;2464374]. . . how did Sony find out anyway?[/QUOTE]

Sony knows all and sees all . . . :doh: