Citizen dvd recorder/player

I recently bought one of the Citizen C801DVR’s and almost took it back, due to the crappy user manual. I saw a thread on this site where someone made another manual for it and thanks for that.
My problem is:
When I set the timer to record something on the tv, I have to leave the tv on the channel I am recording. Is there a way to set the channel that I want recorded and have the recorder find it when it is time to record?
I did do an ‘auto scan’ previously, so it knows what channels I have.

Any help? Thanks.

You can specify which channel number to record in the C801DVR’s recording schedule if you are recording from the TV input. Of course that won’t work if you are recording video input from a separate satellite or digital cable tuner. In that case you have to separately program the satellite or cable tuner to switch to the correct channel at the correct time using its own program schedule.