Citizen C801DVR Recorder Problem

Hi Guyz,

I m really upset with that recorder I tried memorex16x +R , Maxell 16x +R and sony +RW for copying , when I inserted any disc a processbar appears and stuck on 20% then suddenly moved to 100% and message appear “blank disk” and I m not able to record anything on that after that msg

When I enter into menu to erase the disk there is only disk info option in enable all other are disabled

If someone have any idea about that please help me in this regard

thanks in advance
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**** I m not able to record anything

Try Verbatim DVD+RW if still no luck then return it.

You need updated firmware for this recorder.
I have the same issue with an electrohome 801edvr but they are bothe the same unit with differant branding. You can try 8x media it works well.

How can we update firmware? Can you give a link. I am having similar problem. When I record with DVD+RW it says unrecordable and when I use DVD+R it records ok but when I stop recording the whole system hangs and I have to restart the system and then the disk keep on loading forever. I tried different brand DVD+RW and DVD+R but same problem. I did a factory reset but no solution. I was able to record before but not now. If anyone knows any solution please let us know. I had same problem with a previous recorder which I returned and get this one.

FAQ and firmware source:

Even with updated firmware, definitely prefers 8x media to 16x media.

If you have trouble initializing your RW media in the C801DVR, try doing a full erase in a computer DVD writer first.

can anyone send the new firmware update for the citizen dvd recorder to

thanks in advance