Citing high cost, Toshiba shelves plans for OLED televisions

Anyone looking forward to Toshiba’s 30" OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays in 2009 or 2010 is either going to have to wait a little longer or find a different manufacturer. Toshiba announced this week that it was shelving plans to build large OLED displays because the current and short-term costs of mass production are too high to create a commercially viable product. It’s surprising that a company of Toshiba’s size would back away from OLED-based television manufacturing. OLED displays, after all, have been touted as the Next Big Thingâ„¢ as far back as 2001.



Too bad… might have lowered the Plasma’s even more! :a

Hah! Money?

OLED have the potential to save the planet, in terms of both energy & resource use.
They require less power than any existing lighting method & can potentially replace all existing lighting, and the whole point is that they are based on organic compounds, which means significantly less waste.

TV’s is just the beginning. OLED’s have the potential to replace the common newspaper.

This is a big blow to the world.

Toshiba just don’t want to fund the research, it’s also shortsighted. The royalties for the base OLED technology are mind boggling - it would be bigger than flash.