Cisco launches touchscreen Flip SlideHD



I just posted the article Cisco launches touchscreen Flip SlideHD.

Cisco recently unveiled the Flip SlideHD camera that offers up to four hours of HD video support as the networking giant looks to enter further into the consumer market

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Interesting. Seems a bit expensive, though.


Here’s a review of it…


I have the new Slide HD camcorder and love it. I also have the Ultra HD by Flip Video (Cisco). Both of them are excellent. The software is built into the cams as is the video storage, itself. Just hook up (USB) to a computer and you are ready to rock & roll, download, edit, share and all the rest. I love the “snapshot” feature to capture a “still” shot from the video. Crisp, clean, sharp. Excellent quality. Easy to use and compact in size. I hope Cisco/Flip comes out with a model that include a motion/video stablizer feature as it would be a great feature to go with the camcorder. It will jack u the price, most likely, but to me it would be worth it and I’d pay for it. I do use the small tripod for some of the motion shots (when I am moving or the cam is moving) to help keep the images smooth. I am going to use the underwater housing made for the Ultra HD in a few weeks and hope that works well. Can’t wait to use both cams on vacation. I am very pleased and impressed with the HD quality and the audio is outrageously pure and clean, as well. Slide is not overpriced as it has lots of features very close to an iPhone and other gadgets such as this.