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Today we can find a fresh new review over at our friends from This time they’ve reviewed the CIS Arrgo CD-RW drive capable of 48x reading and writing. Re-writing is done at a maximum…

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The review over at has an error in it. They state that “…the Arrgo 48/16/48 is the first drive from CIS to feature 16x rewriting speeds.” but this is blatantly wrong! I just bought the Arrgo 40X/16X/48X CDRW a few weeks ago, and it definately does RW at 16X. Arrgo’s website news archive even talks about its release :slight_smile: Interesting trivia: the Arrgo 40X/16X/48X CDRW is marketed in North America under the bad translation “To Hover”, which is the actual (code)name for the product here. Ah yes, and Arrgo seems to have a 52X/24X/52X CDRW drive as well, just check out their site.