Cirrus Logic to enable low-end DVD players with DivX



I just posted the article Cirrus Logic to enable low-end DVD players with DivX.

 MPEG-4 is 

currently one of the most exciting technologies. Also companies like Ahead with its product Nero Digitial, are currently involved in the development of MPEG-4 technology and…

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ohh, sounds nice i guess… dont the kiss player already have this? and how about xvid?


This definitely sounds like a good progress for the DivX format. Maybe now more big players in the DVD industry will be able to support DivX.


One wonders if it will support DiVX 3.11a as both the KiSS player (Via a firmware update) and the newly announced LiteOn player support 3.11a. Also the KiSS player supports OGG (But not in OGM’s yet only in AVI’s). Both players also support AC3 in AVI’s. Prices will need to fall considerably however and less restrictive support for options outside the ISO specs needs to happen before these become widespread.


Only thing I wonder is does it support MPEG-4 Advance Simple Visual Profile (or some thing like that), with GMC,B-frame,Qpel support, not Simple Visual Profile crap in Kiss player :r


my xbox already does all this, wy would I need this


Who cares if your Xbox does this? Do more of your freinds own modded Xbox’s or DVD players? I would love to bring over some Divx movies over freinds houses or whatnot w/o having to lug over my own player. This also leads the way to having a Tivo/CDr/Dvd/DVDr player thing to fully replace the need for a VCR because the media will have higher compatibility. Unfortunately with all the format wars going on and the inadequacy of DVD it will be some time before we see an actual standard for anything.


yeah you could break your back carrying around an xbox:p


Fantastik - Fantastik. Why doesn’t the News Media use streaming DivX:-) to transmit those field shots on CNN? It would probably be way better than the blocky video compression they r using now.


Divx is designed for storage, not for streaming :wink: :+ similar like OGM and Mastroka,XCD,etc