Cirrus Logic introduces 16x write speed



I just posted the article Cirrus Logic introduces 16x write speed.


FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 3, 2000-- Affirming once again its position as the speed leader in the optical storage market,…

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Lets fly baby…yeah


Still 2 minutes to copy a cd, what a drag


I’ll wait till theres a 48x recorder


Ill wait for flash cdrom


As an importer of various storage media we can also tell the people that the leader in writing IC technology SANYO has also developed a 16x writer and will be due to release at the end of the year. Minding that SANYO will come out in September with their brand new innovating BURN PROOF technology you can burn at 16x with a writer that holds only 2MB buffer without being able to create coasters.
As far as technology concerns the cd writer market is developing quickly , making it very hard for cdr-factories to meet with these innovations.
This will implement a serious pricedrop in older 8x compatible media. As we can see now Taiwanese producers are dropping prices very fast and we can estimate that the well known brands will eventually lower their prices too because they are being supplied by these Taiwan factories thus having better buy-in prices and still must be competitive to the B-brands wich are getting better and better in quality.
As for the 16X media several factories have already 16X compatible media ready for production - and because this is not a minor change at their actual production facilities - prices of older 8x-12x compatible media will drop fast and are due to over-production. Dumping prices to create cashflow is what we can expect.
The device that really is going to ‘boom’ at christmas time is the COMBO DRIVE - the DVD reader in combination with a cd-writer.
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Nice info, but a little commercial at the end. ;(